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About the GREIA® Brand

Global Real Estate International Agents®

“Fulfilling Your Dream of A Home”

For Centurys having a home has been the purpose of mankind.  Having a home defines all of us in our network.  GREIA Agents will never wavier to deliver the treasure of home to you.

The History and Identity of GREIA®

The GREIA brand was founded in Ireland in 2012.

To say that GREIA (Global Real Estate International Agents) was founded during the global property boom in the early millennium would be an understatement.

GREIA was founded by Sean Quinn during a global housing crisis following the global property crash. The purpose of GREIA is to create a Global Real Estate franchise network worldwide.

In fact it was an original Real Estate startup in Ireland founded by Sean Quinn the former Chairman of Coldwell Banker one of America’s leading Real Estate franchise networks with a sales volume in excess of 140 Billion dollars.

Now GREIA a part of the Real Estate International Group Greiaology holdings.

GREIA franchisees provide residential and commercial property brokerage and Real Estate Agent services as well as mortgage and refinancing and related support services.

GREIA Exclusive Previews sells Luxury homes and resorts worldwide.

GREIA offices and agents are in the US, Europe, and International countries.

All GREIA Global Real Estate International Agents are independently owned and operated.

-who are you? We are an online platform for real estate agents worldwide to develop themselves both at a career level and at a personal level. We provide agents with tools enabling them to connect with one another, get leads, news, and continuing education

-what are your core values?

  • Integrity – Greia.com is a trusted partner for agents, buyers, and sellers. We have made a commitment to serve the worldwide community in an ethical, sustainable, and competitive manner. We take accountability for our words and actions, channeling them towards our goal of developing agents and community.

  • Power – Greia.com’s sense of power lies in our commitment to service and ethical conduct. we see ourselves as being instruments for agents to use in order to develop their careers and to develop themselves personally.

  • Leadership – Greia.com is a world and market leader- the creation of this type of online platform for agents is a first worldwide. In order to remain at this level of competition, we invite agents to actively participate in shaping Greia.com to suit their needs. We invite agents to make Greia.com their homes, to use Greia.com to reach their full potential as agents and as human beings.

  • Empowerment – Greia.com provides the space and tools necessary for agents’ development. We welcome agents into our global community to make use of the tools provided and to help us develop new tools for them. Greia.com supports each individual agent on his/her way to developing him/herself into a global player.

  • Innovation – Greia.com sees itself as being like an artist’s blank canvas- a space where each individual agent can leave his mark, where agents can come together to create, where anything is possible. Out of the collaboration comes a strong sense of community where all members contribute to creating and recreating the cutting edge


-what do you do? We provide an online platform for real estate agents worldwide.
-how do you do it? Greia.com provides a space and tools for real estate agents to help their clients make healthy choices in property sales and investment. we allow each individual agent to make him/herself into a global player by providing space for agents to present themselves and communicate with other agents worldwide. we offer each agent the opportunity to further develop his skills and knowledge through our training platform. Most importantly, Greia.com is a place for agents to collaborate and create a global community.
Mission statement:  Greia.com’s mission is primarily to serve real estate agents in career and personal development. In a wider scope, Greia.com aims to benefit the worldwide community by supporting property buyers and sellers in making healthy investment choices.

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This information is provided for general information purposes only.

This information should not be relied on when making home selling or buying decisions.

Regarding schools contact a local real estate professional or the school directly for all information on schools.

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