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How real estate agents perform correlates to how situations occur to them. Powerful GREIA coaching and marketing tools enable real estate brokers to support agents in making better presentations. Get agents connected to GREIA referral network, share listings through the GREIA referral network platform and serve multicultural clients. Each agent gets a beautiful profile page and digital brochures where agents list and promote their listings on GREIA.com and on myhomeworldwide.com

Being a GREIA agent gives you a competitive advantage which allows you to capture more local, national and international listings. Buyers and sellers are delighted to have access to a global platform to present their listings and marketing material including videos, virtual tours and floor plans.

Agents who list with GREIA get more exposure = more sales.

GREIA has created a global network of global referral agents.

Choose your own referral group and promote your listing locally, nationaly and globally and have your listing translated into different languages. Network with other agents in your group, follow properties with a click and get your 20% referral fee, share, tweet, post and pin properties everywhere.

Brokers listen for the future of the GREIA organization. How a situation occurs arises in language, see where your agents leads are coming from, create a market interest, learn what’s working, not working and see what is missing. Get the information you need in real time, make informed choices, accelerate sales.

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